Movie Reviews

Every once in a very long while, I actually post a full fledged movie review. Weekly, I post roundups of what I’ve seen. Even more frequently, check Instagram for quotes a quick-reviews. Read, discuss and, hopefully, find something you enjoy.

Review: Boss (2023)

Bogdan Mirică’s ‘Boss’ disappoints, despite a stylish nod to neo-noir aesthetics and a compelling plotline involving a heist and complex romance. While elements such as visual flair and unique poster design intrigue, the flat characters and pretentious dialogue overshadow the competent score and measured pacing. This true story-inspired film struggles to deliver substance amidst its…

Review: Disco Boy (2023)

Abbruzzese’s movie might not always run at the same intensity, leaving room for some scenes that are dry, particularly given how general its characters strive to be. However, Disco Boy is a trip, it plays with your senses and takes you along for a ride that starts out as an age old tale of violence…

Aftersun (2022): An Afterthought

Aftersun drips with nostalgia within the warm haze of gentle summer days, but leaves a door ajar through which the draught of an undefined existential menace lingers. The slow burn might be a challenge for some, but if you allow yourself to make the journey, the finale has good odds of tearing you apart.

Berlinale Review: Here (2023)

Here is a moment in time, the proverbial here and now, which is the most blissful place to exist in. It’s mischievously elusive, of course, but Bas Devos somehow manages to capture its essence in this movie, that has all the chances of growing on you and showing you true North.

Berlinale Review: Passages (2023)

The movie transcends type and finds the truth in its relationships, it dotes on and suffers with its protagonists in a manner that does feel intimate, both emotionally and physically. Sachs has congealed this inherently melodramatic story into one of stoic commitment to ourselves, of finding and cherishing our individuality, both within and outside of…


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