Movie Reviews

Every once in a very long while, I actually post a full fledged movie review. Weekly, I post roundups of what I’ve seen. Even more frequently, check Instagram for quotes a quick-reviews. Read, discuss and, hopefully, find something you enjoy.

Review: Infinite Football (2018)

I was fascinated by how well ‘Infinite Football’ captures the manner in which life shapes the ideas we hold and how, with the passing of time, we have the tendency to create our own narratives almost regardless of how and whether those ideas align or not. 

Planeta Petrila (2017): Oh, Petrila, My Sweet Chinchilla

Nobody can accuse Dascalescu’s documentary of being without flair. I still recall, almost a decade ago, emerging from a forest road into Zlatna, a mining community some 200 km apart from Petrila: the picture – perfect image of desolation was shocking. So to the extent that ‘Planeta Petrila’ celebrates the birth of some form of (artistic) life from such wreckage, it is a great success.


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