Movie Reviews

Every once in a very long while, I actually post a full fledged movie review. Weekly, I post roundups of what I’ve seen. Even more frequently, check Instagram for quotes a quick-reviews. Read, discuss and, hopefully, find something you enjoy.

Heikos Welt (2021)

This was one of those rare occurrences of going into the cinema and just watching a movie you know nothing about and that movie actually proving to be a heck of a ride. Heikos Welt is a very enjoyable story with low stakes and bubbly rewards, that deserves more word of mouth – and someContinue reading “Heikos Welt (2021)”

R.M.N. (2022)

It’s been half a decade since Cristian Mungiu’s previous film, the excellent Bacalaureat/Graduation, and there’s a bit of its thematic DNA in his most recent work. The movie goes beyond that though by exploring a real event which left its mark on Romanian society a few years ago, an event littered with prejudice and xenophobia.Continue reading “R.M.N. (2022)”

Schumacher (2021)

Netflix just released a documentary about F1 legend and hero-of-my-childhood Michael Schumacher. Created by the trio of Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns, Vanessa Nöcker and Michael Wech, it has been received with a modicum of positivity. While not a remarkable piece of filmmaking, as a major fan of MSC I found it to be a nostalgic and atContinue reading “Schumacher (2021)”


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