Movie(s) of the Week #12 (2017)

Not quite movie of the week but without competition, here’s a not quite original, but also a not quite horrible poster:



  • From a House on Willow Street (2017): Not having seen a horror movie in a while, FaHoWS got its chance to impress. As a genre-mash, wherein some fools kidnap a girl for ransom who turns out to be possessed, it started well enough. The build-up was swift, culminating with a couple of yelp-scares to warm me up. Unfortunately, as the movie progresses, the scares stay the same and the storyline becomes less convincing by the minute, with some rather conventional, if good looking, escalation scenes and gore. By the end, it feels like a bit of a mess, so I checked out early and got myself a candy bar. Had I missed the two minutes before the finale, I would’ve had a hard time understanding what was going on; not having missed them, it still didn’t make much sense, barring the obvious plot requirements. Shame, really, because in spite of its cliches and underwhelming acting at times, the visuals are great and Carlyn Burchell does a good demon-girl impression. 5/10