Movies of the Week #13 (2022)

The Power of the Dog (2021): The “runner-up” to this year’s Best Picture Oscar, the other Dog-titled movie this week is, in fact, pretty special. Jane Campion has put together a modern Western, which finds itself in the strange temporality of the early 1900s – seemingly contemporary, yet of a different time. It’s a great space to be in and the (mostly) strong characters that populate it make for one heck of a movie – even at its leisurely pace. It might not have the most satisfying conclusion, but your heart and mind will be left with residuals to process. Also, it features some of the fiercest banjo action since Deliverance, so that’s also a plus. 8

Jackass Forever (2022): Nothing speaks so loudly about the passing of time as seeing Steve-O once a decade. I might never have been a fan of Jackass growing up, but have taken a liking to it/them in the last ten years, finding all the craziness more gleeful than disturbed. With cleverly absurd and borderline nauseating stunts, the movie manages to one-up itself constantly, while keeping you squirming and squealing in your seat. In these times of strife, watching the total irreverence imprinted in the Jackass DNA proves to be the perfect treatment. 7

Look at You (2022): Taylor Tomlinson was pretty great in her first Netflix show and the follow-up does not disappoint. A show of a more personal variety, prodding at depression, loss and love, there are many hilarious moments to go with the rather serious themes. At a time when comedy might need to tread more carefully for fear of willsmithiness, Taylor is a breath of fresh air, as the saying goes. 7

Dog (2021): Channing Tatum (who also gets a directorial credit) imbues life and emotion in an otherwise tame and completely predictable movie. Ex-army-man Briggs is unable to return to the front and struggles to adapt to civilian life, when he is assigned to take an unpredictable, past-his-due-date army dog to the funeral of a fellow soldier. It’s all very much on the nose, but by playing it straight, the movie proves to be a very pleasant and cheesy surprise – to the point that I dare you to not shed any tears. 7

The Lost City (2022): I found myself a bit torn about whether I liked TLC or not. On the one hand, the theme has been so hashed out, that it inevitably feels like a cheap shot. On the other, the leading couple is fine, there are some amusing lines here and there, the island is beautiful – but not as beautiful as 58-year-old Brad Pitt. Shame on you BP for making everything else look bad! So, on the balance of things, I just about liked it enough, so if you want some jungle action, hop right on. 6